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On the Road to Wellness

Life is feeling more and more normal. Surgery was six weeks ago, and today we put away the fold out couch and went back to having a living room. I find everyday movement easier and my energy is returning. I … Continue reading

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Holy Trinity

I am delighted to report that we have even more good news to share. Last week we had our appointment with the Cleveland Clinic radiology oncologist. His opinion is that I do not need radiation treatments. He told us that … Continue reading

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10,000 Things

I am on the road to wellness, with confidence, joy and gratitude. It is almost impossible to express the relief of learning that the cancer had not spread at all, that the aggressive cells had disappeared, and that I do … Continue reading

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Great News!

The sky is blue again. Every color seems brighter and more vibrant. The smell of the earth is rich and nourishing and sweet. Today we received excellent news from Dr. Kebria about the pathology reports from my surgery. To cut … Continue reading

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