Great News!

The sky is blue again. Every color seems brighter and more vibrant. The smell of the earth is rich and nourishing and sweet. Today we received excellent news from Dr. Kebria about the pathology reports from my surgery. To cut to the chase, the cancer has not spread at all and I do not need chemotherapy. A series of three very targeted radiation treatments is a possibility, but also may not be needed. We will consult two more doctors to help us decide about that.

There was no cancer detected in my cervix, lymph nodes, fallopian tubes or ovaries. The cancer went only 1 millimeter into the uterine wall, which is considered very superficial. The most interesting thing is that even in the uterus itself, there were none of the aggressive serous cancer cells that we have been so concerned about. The initial diagnostic biopsy showed that 10% of the cancer cells were of this sort, while the other 90% were a non-aggressive and easily cured type of cell. Our doctor’s team even went back and looked at the biopsy again to reconfirm that it was accurate. Yes – 10% serous cells. Yet the surgical pathology reports say that there was none of this aggressive cancer in my uterus. Zero. Not a single cell. How can that be?

I asked the surgeon this question. He said that it was possible that the tissue that was biopsied was a polyp and that all the serous cells that I had were in that particular tissue sample. Maybe. But in the time between my diagnosis on August 7 and my surgery on September 14, we were not passively waiting. In that five-week period, I received healing treatments, I did affirmations and imagery, and I visualized the aggressive cells collapsing in upon themselves and being washed away. I drank green smoothies and ate an ultra-clean health-supportive diet. Perhaps most importantly, I received the prayers and good wishes of my remarkable band of allies – YOU! The family and friends who were praying for me and helping me non-stop. All those who sent flowers and books and cards and emails and comments on the blog. Those who subbed for my classes, cooked our meals and provided transportation, yard work and funny movies. I am convinced that these multiple heart felt and generous expressions of love cleared away that deep negativity and led us to this wonderful day, when I have been told that the cancer has not spread at all and that treatment, if any, will be mild.

What is more likely –  that the power of love cleared away those aggressive cells? Or that the biopsy just happened to pick up every one of them? Hmmmm. I’ll go with love.

So now my rare case becomes even rarer. It is rare because I had no symptoms. It is rare because the disease was detected through a pap smear, which is not even a screening for uterine cancer. It is highly unusual for uterine cancer to be detected in this way. Now I am in an even smaller group, which has serous cells in the biopsy and then none whatsoever in the surgically removed tissues.

This great news allows us to go to Chicago to see Dr. Block with so much energy and gratitude. Now the focus can be on healthy life style, diet and supplements for non-recurrence and long term vitality and well being. Of course we will also consult with Dr. Block about his opinion about the radiation option. Dr. Kebria said that having it could increase my chances of non-recurrence by just a few percentage points. I don’t know if it is worth the side effects for that. I think I may be able to create an even greater chance of ongoing health through alternative means. We will consider the opinions of our various doctors and then make our decision.

How can I thank you for the outpouring of love and support that is flowing so abundantly from your heart to mine? My gratitude is profound. I am full of joy knowing that my job now is to recovery from surgery in a gradual, judicious and mindful way, and that the full range of possibilities in life and in yoga practice will be available again to me soon.

We fly to Chicago early tomorrow, and I am sure I will have much to share about our day at the Block Center. Thank you again and again for your love, listening and support.

With love,





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20 Responses to Great News!

  1. Rick Chasin says:

    This is just beyond wonderful…..and I believe that your activities have made a huge impact in bringing about this joyous news. So happy for you and for Cliff! Go forth and spread your joyous nature to the world. Namaste!

    This is a joyful day! Thank you for the news, dear Karen. May you and Cliff enjoy your trip to Chicago.

  3. Leslie H. says:

    Great news indeed, Karen! Best wishes for continued healing and happiness. I think of you daily in peace and light.

  4. Donna Pointer says:

    Fantastic report! Good to hear.

  5. Carolyn Hanson says:

    what spectacular news for this beautiful day!
    thank you for generously sharing your journey in such an inspirational way.
    i’ll continue to send good thoughts ~ namaste’

  6. Denise Butler says:

    Such wonderful, wonderful news!!!

  7. Julie Friedman says:

    Wonderful news, Karen!! Have a good trip to Chicago!

  8. Karen, I was delighted to hear this wonderful and truly incredible news. Have fun in Chicago too.


  9. Erica Steinweg says:

    This is so wonderful to hear!!!

  10. Dorothy Hauff says:

    Absolutely wonderful news, Karen. A jubilation of goodness!

  11. marcia schulz says:

    I am so very, very glad to hear this Karen! “With our thoughts we shape the world”.

  12. Linda Harston says:

    All I can say is thank you God for answering our prayers! Linda Harston

  13. Ellen Barrett says:

    Great news Karen! The power of positive thought, prayer and your attention to health and healing are certainly paying off. I hope you continue to take advantage of all of the support around you as your body continues to heal and grow stronger. And although I look forward to you joining us on Tuesdays again you can feel really good about Colleen filling in.

  14. Sandy Finkel says:

    Such wonderful news, Karen. Thanks to Cliff for keeping us informed so we knew to pray, send love and healing vibes. And may the good news continue.

  15. Mary Finney says:

    Sending hugs to you and Cliff. I am celebrating now and grateful to all the healing powers within you and surrounding you! Hoping that your trip to Chicago goes just as you wish. Continuing to send you prayers of love. Mary

  16. Kellie says:

    I am beyond happy for you! Peace and Light!

  17. Carol Shaw says:

    This is wonderful news! Feel good and heal well.

  18. Mary Chasin says:

    Wonderful news, Karen!

  19. Janet Dery Cox says:

    I’m so thrilled for you, Karen. The power of love, support and an ultra-healthy diet is unbeatable!

  20. jyoti harwalkar says:

    Absolutely wonderful news, Karen. I am so glad to hear this. I am sure you will recover very soon. Take care.

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