Two Weeks To Go

I depart for Pune in two weeks. This will be my third trip to study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, known as RIMYI. Slowly all the preparations are getting made and various check lists getting shorter. I am feeling relaxed and enthusiastic about this wonderful opportunity for study and practice in the motherland of yoga.

Many of my students have asked about what my daily schedule will be like. Each day I will have a 2 hour class and a 2-3 hour practice time. In addition, there are library hours for study of yogic texts. The library is also where BKS Iyengar conducts his own daily writing, corespondence and meetings. So reading in the library has the added blessing of getting to be near Gurjuri, and hearing his occassional discussions with students and visitors.

Another part of the schedule is the medical class, in which students with a wide range of maladies receive individualized practice sequences. They are taken through their practices by assistants, experienced teachers from all over the world along with the RIMYI staff instructors. Guruji orchestrates this complex class like a master conductor.

My hopes for this trip are to deepen my practice and understanding and to take advantage of all the learning the institute has to offer. I feel that my familiarity with the basics of living in India will allow me to be more fully absorbed in my studies this time. I also know that there are always surprises, obstacles and challenges in India. I will try to greet them with a smile!

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