I am home. Happy, tired, and slowly digging through unpacking, mail, email and business demands. I go back to the studio today and it will be lovely to see my students. The trip home was long and draining. Due to political tensions in India and the threat of terrorism, the security at the Mumbai airport was intense. We were questioned, scanned, wanded, and our passports were checked 7 times by different people by the time we were on the plane. It made me sad that this is the way we have to live to be safe.

It will take a while to integrate all that I learned. I look forward to practicing with new ideas and hopefully, deeper focus. I will gradually go through my notes and work on the sequences and points of instruction. This will be helped by my purchase of CD’s of all of Geeta’s classes for the month. It will be nice to do the classes again in the calm retreat of my own yoga room, instead of the bustle of Pune!

I will post a link here to my India photos, so if you are interested in seeing them, check back in here in a few days. Thanks to all who sent me a comment – your good wishes meant so much to me. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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