A Good Week So Far

We are on the countdown. It seems that it takes the first two weeks to figure out how to do things here, and then the second two weeks to figure out how to get home. We have secured a flat for our next visit, hired a car to take us to the airport, and read up on customs regulations. Amidst all the yoga, there seems always to be quite a bit of busy work to be done.

This week is backbending and it is intense. I don’t think I have ever done this many backbends in such a small amount of time. It is hard work and also exhilarating. We do many repetitions of the poses and lots of rope work. In class last night we did drop backs from head stand I and II, and those who could (not me) from handstand. I could do it when I was 14, so perhaps I can work up the courage to try it again.

One India treat we are enjoying is called lime soda, which you can order sweet or salt. They bring you a bottle of fizzy water and a glass with the fresh juice of a lime in it. They pour the soda water into the glass for you, and then you add your customized amount of sweetness (clearly we weren’t going for the salt version) from a small container of sugary syrup. Yum yum. Very refreshing.

We are starting to think about any final shopping or site-seeing that we want to do. One thing I did not do last time is see a museum, so that is on our agenda. Awareness that we have only a week and a hlaf to go is making me rather camera-happy, and I am enjoying getting shots of the street, the people and the friends we have met here.

July was very dry here at a time when it should have been raining a lot. Because this area is very dependent on hydroelectric power, there are have been some power outages. We were lucky to have a few days of huge downpours that helped replenish the water, so now the power is usually on.

Our treat for Sunday will be a trip to the 5-star Meridian Hotel to go for a swim and then enjoy a gourmet buffet lunch. These little trips and treats help, as each day is very full of tapas – focused work and effort. Not only to do the yoga, but to stay on top of the many ins and outs of being here. It continues to be challenging and wonderful, and I will be bringing home a wealth of ideas to practice and to share.

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  1. karan shelley says:

    Your blog has been inspirational. I think of you in India as I practice at home. And I look forward to classes laced with Geeta anecdotes.

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