My bags are packed and weighed. In a couple hours the boarding passes can be printed. Tomorrow I leave and I am excited and happy about this opportunity to study and practice in a focused way, under the guidance of true masters. I am stepping through a doorway into a wonderful adventure of learning.

I want to use this last entry before I go to thank my students, teachers, friends and family who have given me so much support for this trip. This support has come in many forms – and I appreciate all of them. My Tuesday night students surprised me with a 50th birthday party, complete with cake, balloons and presents. My close circle of women friends gave me a wonderful send off with a gourmet picnic breakfast at Shaker Lakes. I have received phone calls and emails, hugs and good wishes, and gifts to ease my way. I have a wonderful team of teachers to keep the studio running while I am gone. And my husband Cliff is, as always, calm and supportive and happy that I have this precious chance to get “soaked” as Geeta says, in yoga.

Thanks for your help, love and support. I’ll be thinking of you!

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  1. bess kaplan says:

    let me wish you a very happy mllestone birthday, karen. along with good health for many years to come.

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