Big Week

Much has happened since I last wrote. We received a piece of good news about the “pelvic wash” they did during the surgical procedure. They fill the abdominal cavity with fluid and then remove and test the fluid to see if there are cancer cells free floating in the abdominal region. My result was negative – meaning it showed no cancer – so that’s great news! Now we are waiting to learn about the lymph nodes and how much spread there was in the uterus itself. Clear lymph nodes would be a really big deal, so I am praying for that. We may be informed early in the week, and by Thursday October 4 at the latest, when we meet with the surgeon to learn about the pathology reports and the proposed treatment plan. Then early on Friday October 5 we fly to Chicago to have a consultation with Dr. Keith Block of the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Chicago. So yes, it is a very big week.

Last Wednesday I tried driving for the first time. I did a few things at the studio and then went to my piano lesson. All went well, but it was too exhausting, and it was clear to me that I was not ready to drive. I plan to give it another go tomorrow, and I think it will be fine. I have plenty of helpers around reminding me not to overdo. I think I am doing well. I do not want scar tissue or adhesions, so I am doing my best to be conservative, avoid strain, rest as required during the day, and sleep long hours. My appetite is huge! My body is busy rebuilding itself.

This weekend I was delighted to host Sanskrit teacher Leslie Freyberg.  She is also a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and a longtime friend. It was wonderfully healing for me to chant with Leslie in the auspicious language of Sanskrit. I supported myself with lots of props, took breaks as needed, and was supported by a terrific team of helpers who made the workshop run smoothly! Many thanks to all the wonderful friends who offered their love and assistance!

I look forward to my return to teaching this week. I will teach only my daytime classes and will give restorative yoga to protect and conserve my energy. Evening students – I miss you! I will be back next week! Thank you for your patience.

I am still struggling with the need to be sitting or reclining 80% of the time. My dear friend Leslie noted that this was my tapas, or practice, for this time. I have to say that I am truly experiencing this particular tapas in the sense of one of its definitions, which is penance. I don’t mean this in the sense that I feel I am being punished. But I certainly am facing the truth that sometimes the practice that we need is not the practice that we want.

I can play the piano, do a few dishes, and do some computer work, but I spend the majority of my time on my fold out couch. I watch movies, read novels, play with my iPod and sleep. I continue to feel a wonderful protective blanket of love and support all around me.

By Saturday I should have news about test results and treatment options, so I will keep you literally “posted.”

In Light,

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9 Responses to Big Week

  1. Barbara says:

    I love you dearly… sorry about the hard lessons… sitting and resting is pretty hard practice for people like us! 🙂 I’m being stretched… to be present, to not let my long list of things that need to happen pull me out of love. I’m such a baby…

    Lots of reminders that singing and walking and healthy food and hugs are needs… even though my drive is to do do do do do do do…

    You’re doing just what you need to do. I’m proud of you.
    big hugs,

  2. Lori says:

    Karen, thinking of you for Friday and your visit to Chicago! Friday is our anniversary actually. I will think of you being about a block away from where I work! Positive vibes for clear lymph nodes…that would be great news!

  3. Erica Steinweg says:

    That certainly is a big week! I’m glad the results that have come back are good and pray that the next phase goes well too.

    “…sometimes the practice we need is not the practice that we want.” This line is soooooo true and so challenging. I wish you all the best. Lots of love.

  4. Sue Salaniuk says:

    I am so happy for you with the good news. Keep resting and learning. Love and hugs.

  5. Mary says:

    I am delighted for your good news and am praying for your ability to stay in the present,as then there will be no worry, just healing.

  6. Beautiful, inspiring, lovely Karen,
    Thank you for this ongoing blog. It keeps anxiety at bay for us all, to be sure.
    Thank you for your loving and gracious hospitality in the midst of all that you are facing right now. I am with you in the heart of my thoughts (Hrdaye Citta Sam Vit!!!).
    I do enjoy reporting to everyone that you appear to be radiant, beautiful, and healthy, and SO on top of everything!
    Love, Prem Se,

  7. Raven Dana says:

    Hi Karen, I reccommend a book called She Who Dreams by Wanda Easter Burch. I think it would be immediately useful to your healing process.

  8. Linda Harston says:


    I simply want to say what you already know. You are the main thought in so many hearts and in the prayers of people who rarely pray. I can even feel the energy. No matter what the doctor says tomorrow we will all be with you. So good that you are going to the Block Institute on Saturday. The healing will not take a break.
    By the way, your class was great today. Thank you, Linda Harston

  9. I took a quick look at Wanda’s web site and a video clip of an interview, and I was impressed. That very night I requested a healing dream, and received a powerful dream with loads of clear imagery and inspiration. I am keeping a dream journal and will continue to work with the healing information that we can access through dreams. Thanks so much Raven! Your simple yet profound suggestion has already started to help me on the path to wholeness healing and vibrant well being.

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