One Week To Go

With one week remaining before departure, I am feeling relatively calm  and prepared. I scan my lists, cross items off, add more tasks, and try to  do some yoga. I find myself wishing that my practice was somehow different, better, free of problems. I realize that no matter what condition I  was in, I would probably feel unprepared in some way. So with my doubts and imbalances and habits, I will go. Of course I will also be bringing my optimism, my willingness to work, my love of learning and the solid foundation given to me by my  wonderful teachers.

I am deeply grateful to those teachers and think of them often as I get  ready for this journey. I also appreciate my students. Their support of the  studio makes the trip possible, and the trip then makes it possible for me  to serve them more fully. I have told my students that I am going for  myself, but I am also going for them and it is true. I hope to develop my practice and knowledge both to help myself and to become a better helper  for those who study with me.

Many thanks for all the good wishes I am receiving!

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