Going Inward

IMG_0009The neighborhood of the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune is bustling with noise and activity from dawn until late into evening. Many sounds fill the air – the sounds of motors and honking horns, lively birds and chiming bells, voices ringing out, whether chanting or selling vegetables. Yet within this cacophony, there is peacefulness and focus within the practice hall at RIMYI. There we turn our minds inward to get a taste of yoga – integration, connectivity, and wholeness.

Walking through the gates of the institute, you are immediately greeted by busts of BKS Iyengar and his beloved wife Ramamani, for whom the institute is named. The building is surrounded by deity images, which are artistically beautiful and spiritually inspiring. These sacred icons help turn the mind toward sanctity, and help to leave the noisy world behind and enter the realm of the sacred journey inward.

I continue to feel deeply relaxed and calm within the busy rhythm of my days. Prashant Iyengar’s brilliant teaching is bringing me to a new experience of presence. One aspect of his teaching is the way he describes philosophical concepts through his engaging use analogy and metaphor.

In a recent class, Prashant explained that the senses can act like mirrors. When we get ready to go out, we first look in a mirror to see how we look. Then we want a cosmetic kit to enhance our appearance. Of course, cosmetic means superficial or on the surface. If we instead use the senses as mirrors to look inward, we will find that no cosmetic kit is needed. The unadorned beauty of our essential nature will shine with its own splendor.

Prashant has emphasized this week that philosophy is embedded within us. Philosophy lives inside us. Philosophy reveals reality. By turning inside ourselves, by becoming the object of our own awareness, we may taste the ocean of bliss that resides within our hearts.

With this type of teaching setting the tone for the day, I find that I am influenced to be calmer and more aware during practice time, while assisting in the medical class and even in everyday activities. I am so grateful.

I am thinking of my friends, teachers and students with so much affection. Blessings of peace and love to all of you!

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9 Responses to Going Inward

  1. Laura Branco says:

    Hi Karen, it’s been enriching to get exposed over here to different teachers , I got to try Charlotte’s class last week. Standing asanas were very good, lots of insights too. I never get tired of the precision and depth I am aquiring in the mature words and pointers from all of you. For me is connecting from a passionate space. It always feels so right, even when the body is challenged and confused I enjoy the softeness of the inner attitude that yields for the trust in Iyengar’s ways. I am sure you are enjoying every moment and time is flying. I normally don’t follow blogs but I’m loving to peep in Pune’s familiar quotidian through your writings. Miss you! Love Laura

  2. Jan Nelson says:

    Sounds like your experience is quite profound. I’m so glad you have the opportunity to practice there.

  3. Janet Cox says:

    I’m moved by his words, which is a great tribute to your ability to pass on his teaching. Thank you for so articulately sharing the wisdom you are learning and for all you do for your students. We love you!

  4. Helen Liggett says:

    Dear Karen,
    Thank you for taking the time to reflect and to think of us

  5. Thanks Laura. I am enjoying myself immensely. Tomorrow we are going to FabIndia and other shops you suggested!

  6. Thank you dear Janet! Sending love!

  7. connie wolfe says:

    Thanks so much, Karen. I echo what Janet Cox says–your writing is very helpful and thought-provoking.

  8. Thanks, Connie! It is nice to hear from you!

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