Bumpy Start

ganeshThis is an image of Ganesh from an altar I saw on my first trip to Pune. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, and I am hoping to have any obstacles to my getting to India removed!

I am in the Newark airport for an 8 hour layover before departing for Mumbai. Yesterday’s travel plans were completely undone by storms in many eastern cities. After 5 hours at the airport and over 2 hours in the Customer Service line, I returned home to start over today. It was a long, hard day! But fresh plans are laid, including a night at the luxurious Leela hotel in Mumbai. I will travel by car to Pune Sunday morning, and go to the institute Monday morning to register for classes and begin my month of studies.

I was disappointed and agitated at the disruption to my well organized plans. But I have recovered my composure and am ready to see what comes next. Hopefully I can remain in a state of yoga – awareness, presence  and relaxation – come what may!


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4 Responses to Bumpy Start

  1. Julie says:

    Oh Karen!
    That does sound like a bumpy start. I hope your time in Newark is comfortable and the revised plan is safe and smooth. I am thinking of you and wishing you well!
    With love and gratitude always,

  2. Janis Nelson says:

    So sorry to hear of your delays! I’m sure you recovered more quickly than most thanks to the practice on which we can always rely. Safe travels! Looking forward to your posts from India!

  3. Lori Zocolo says:

    It happens but is aggravating. Arrived in London after delays, multiple missed Connections, and 19 hours in transit. Our luggage is still in NY. Delta is paying for 3 days of clothing. We shall see. I always pack my contacts and migraine meds in my carry on so not a catastrophe. Being me, I just ran to the London Gap and then finally started being a tourist. Have an excellent experience being a student.

  4. Jean Miller says:

    I hope you have arrived safely now in Pune. Happy Birthday to you, my friend! May the beginnings of your first week there go smoothly. Sending love.

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